Sunday, November 8, 2009

Accounting Diva

Bloggers, Hola! So yet another week has come and gone and the closer to the holidays we get, the more excited I am! This week has been a bit hectic with work and then keeping up with my commissions etc. There's something about this time of year that I'm sure makes everyone nostalgic and yearning for family, quiet nights snuggling against a burning fire and long walks with a loved one through the fresh fallen snow. I will have to settle for Facebook updates, midnights at a hot stove top and long freezing cold walks to and from the grocery store with heavy bags. Bah..

Here's something that I just finished working on. It was a graduation present for an "Accounting Diva" who just completed her Chartered Accountant course. I don't have permission to post her actual photo yet but please know that I tried to do this in her likeness!
I'm pleased with the results......enjoy.

xoxo with love.


  1. This chickadee is smokin' hot in her office attire. I like that outfit and you know how I feel about the stilettos!

    Wonderful painting!

  2. Hey Girly! I'm so proud of you missy! This is wonderful and it's nice to be busy isn't it! I hope that you are enjoying every single moment of this wonderful business you so deserve it! The commissioned piece is simply fantastic!!! I'm sure they are happy about it! You do such amazingly marvelous work indeed! I hope this keeps getting more an more attention that you this will become your full-time. I can sense the joy in each! Very good Lovely Lady! At least pat yourself on the back for doing your own thing! Great work!!!

  3. It has been a while since I've been back on my blog and updating things! I just decided to visit your blog today and I am loving the new illustrations you have posted! I love this one and of course I have to get updated and check out your new work! I am almost done with the illustration work I'm doing for this author and the book will soon be published! I wish the best for you!