Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bits n' Bobs!

The photograph that I've uploaded here is an example of my shoddy picture taking skills! I guess all that caffeine that I consume daily adds up to a real unsteady hand and blurred vision. Anyhow, it was meant to be of an acrylic painting that I did for Dana Martin's (of Dana Martin Writing from previous post) graduating daughter. I tried to include all her faves on an 11 by 14.5 inch illustration board. I didn't get to scan it in on time so I had to sew a series of really unclear photos together using Photoshop. If anyone has any better methods for getting good archival pictures of large all means, I'm all ears.

The other illustration is for a business card that I whipped up for an ole' friend of mine who is now starting up her own photography business. She's the sweetest so please be sure and visit Kimberley Lynn PhotoGRAPHY for giveaways and other fun stuff!

xoxo With Love.


  1. Girl you are on a serious roll. I love these wonderful illustrations. Your style is absolutely FABUUUUUUU. Hey work that friendship girly. As Kim if you guys can barter???? It's get you ladies what you both need. I barter a whole lot of stuff. You beautiful work is amazing. Hope all is well with you.
    Hugs beautiful

  2. Both of these are fabulous! I love the business card as well. You are so very talented, it never ceases to amaze me!