Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladies with Fancy Handbags!

I've been really busy these past few weeks and in the midst of all the commissions and requests, I had huge computer and cell phone issues that had to be dealt with. Something always seems to be wrong with my computer...I'm never sure when it will start to act up and I will lose all my data.

This is just a fun little illustration that I did for my personal files. I was trying to focus on strong business women with a fun sense of fashion...hopefully that comes through in the art work! I want my illustrations to tell stories but I don't think they are quite there as yet.

It's the long weekend here and although I have to work and the weather is really crappy, it still looks like it's going to be a great Easter.

xoxo With Love.


  1. I always wish I could be as stylish as one of your girls!

  2. Hi Charmaine,
    it is good to have you back.
    Your illustration is gorgeous as allways and I love the makeover of your blog.
    Have a great week

  3. Hey darling Girl! How are you doing??? You are so right, I don't have time to post anything. I had a down moment and ran to the computer to put something up. You know if you stay away to long folks stop coming and I need the traffic. It's crazy around here as you can imagine. I am working and packing and moving all at the same time and I am really excited about going to Charlotte!
    Okay enough about me. Your girls have just put me in such a wonderful mood cause Nessa wants to get her Shop On if you know what I mean??? LOL!!! Girl these are fantastic! You are bursting all the doors down and removing all the stops. This is awesomeness! Sheer Awesomeness! Keep it moving and shaking girly! I am so proud of you.
    All is well.
    Love you and miss you so much
    I really do.