Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Secret Diary of a Call Girl-Ring My Bell!

Why did I even mention it in my last post that spring was just around the corner?? As luck would have it, we totally got dumped on overnight with the snow still continually falling! There seems to be no end in sight and its sooo cold. That will be the last time I comment on the weather....

I was cleaning up my hard drive and came across this illustration that I did last year.

Original Photograph by Iddo Goldberg 
I have been following Ashley Madekwe's blog for a while now. She's an actress that I first saw on Secret Diary of a Call Girl a few years back and have loved her style ever since. You can read more about her style tips and other adventures on her blog: Ring My Bell. I am just lovin' those clogs!

That's all for now but will have lots more illustrations in the next little while.

xoxo With Love.


  1. How fantastic is this! I just love your style so much! How wonderful. Yes you can get those leggings from me he he he he he! All is well just moving out and in he he he! I miss you so much. Glad we are back emailing and visiting.

  2. The new blog design is incredible. It really shows off your work - which, of course, you know I adore. Utterly and completely!