Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Dreams..

Today has been one of those extremely lazy Mondays. Pajamas all day and wishing I could remain in bed for a few minutes longer. The weekend passed me by ever so quickly in quite a similar fashion. Where does all my time go, I have to constantly ask myself! I'm starting to really love playing around in Photoshop; the possibilities seem endless.

What am I day dreaming about? Lots of magical new stuff that you will see on here very soon. Tell me what you are all dreaming about....

xoxo with love.


  1. This was me all day yesterday he he he he he! This is fabulous. Photoshop is the bomb!! I love it too. There are so many things you can do. You are going to be doing so much stuff in the weeks to come. Amazing.
    Sending you hugs baby girl.

  2. Itá my favourite pasttim,e to dream away the afternoon.
    Your painting is so pretty.
    Never stop dreaming

  3. hey sweet you!!!

    cannot wait to see your magical new stuff!!!

    i am dreaming about taking a nap very soon!!! ; )

    sending love

  4. I am dreaming about falling off the radar for a while and painting, praying, writing, drawing, and all other things creative. Coming back refreshed and ready to start dreaming all over again:)

    I love your work. This is really beautiful. Where does the time go? Never seems to be enough even though everyone has the same 24 hours to work with per day. Interesting, huh...?

    Love you much, sweetie!