Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's been a strange and kinda sad week for me. Have a lot going on personally and professionally and not sure who I'm more angry at: myself or the cosmos. Have you ever heard the saying..God either doesn't know we exist or despises us?? Not sure. Ultimately, I only have myself to blame for where I am at this point in time in my life...but it always feels better to point the fingers at someone else . Sigh. Anyhow, had to apply for a retail job the other day in order to supplement my rapidly declining finances. It's at a bridal boutique and so I created this image as my self-promo piece...HOPE IT WORKS! I think I will continue to gear my art toward specific projects from now on...

PS...this was supposed to be me in a wedding dress...either a very scary omen or a warning!! Definitely never going to happen again!!HaHa!

xoxo with love.


  1. just darling. keep your chin works it's way back eventually.

    keep believing in yourself.


  2. I hope everything will go the good way.
    By the way, I love you in that dress.

  3. trust your path sweetness....
    it all finds it's way and will work itself out...
    there is very little we actually have control over and once we surrender to those will get better! that is what i believe anyway!!

    i just did a painting that says "trust your path"...i'm sending you a great big squeeze!!


  4. Girl this just says it all. I'm so, so sorry for your troubles right now, but trust me Sweetie you are on a journey. You have been on this long journey it seems for a long while with all it's twist and turns that can make one so depressed and make you feel soooo gosh darn hopeless. I know that you feel like, "What the heck is going on and I can't take much more. Is this mess ever going to end and will I ever feel good again?" I feel you so heavy right now in my spirit. Life is not fair and it's not always filled with beauty. Me make choices and some of them are not the best, but we learn from our mistakes if we allow ourselves too. You can't keep looking at your past if you ever hope to move forward. There is so much life ahead of you. New opportunities awaiting you. Don't go measuring yourself by other people, what you have or don't have, what you did or didn't do. It will only rob you of your destiny. This YOU must RUN TO! These things only come to wear you out. To cause you to faint and fall hopelessly into depression and ultimately make you sick. You are to talented and to gifted to allow this. I know it ain't no kind of picnic working retail. I've done it and I know. When I looked at your piece, I see such beauty and talent. This is soooooo beautiful. I know it seems like you go two steps forward and 10 back. When is this ever going to jump off and bring me what I have been wanting and needing for that matter? I came to tell you that God is not made at you. He is not angry with you at all. Life is happening to you and it's trying to tell you something very important about who you are. YOU ARE SPECIAL and PRICELESS and PRECIOUS. YES YOU!!! This is the@#$# for your garden. You know how bad cow poop smells, but when it's done it's job, your garden is the most beautiful and healthy of them all. I love you. Did you know that??? I really do.
    I will try to call you.
    Love you girly!

  5. Beautiful illustration, darling. You know I understand. You can't even rob Peter to pay Paul anymore because Peter doesn't have any money :) Just have to keep rolling toward our goals and wait for that one (or more) big brick...urm...break to hit us square in the head!

    Love you much!