Thursday, March 4, 2010


Has anyone been following the TV show LOST for the past few years? It's soooo addictive and I'm embarrassed to admit that when it comes to an end in a few months, I will really miss it. All the conspiracy theories and the utter confusion that formulates at the end of each weekly episode have become something that most fans look forward to! Anyhow, for those of you that do watch, here's my take on some of the lovely flora and fauna on the island..ha ha. Well anyway, back to work for now!

xoxo with Love.


  1. YOU are TOO much. May I have your permission to print this out, put it in a little frame on my desk? I giggled good when I first saw it. Too fantastic for words.

  2. Oh this is RICH!!! I love it! Oh so sexy! he he he he! This is the cutest ever!!!

  3. Photoshopped so perfectly I don't know where the real photo ends or begins???? Oh, yeah - but LOST is so confusing for me? My brain hurts when I watch it. W.C.C.