Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Happy March!!

Every week, I think to myself that this will be the week that I make the most productive and yet by the time Thursday rolls around, I haven't even begun to complete (or start) all that I intended to on Sunday! I really cannot believe that March is already here and I'm still in the process of looking for another apartment and another job in the city and have had no luck. Basically, I planned to be moved by May 1st...and hopefully this is still in the cards for me.

I've taken down another installation of mine yesterday at a cafe downtown. The show went well enough; made a lotta contacts as usual but will have to wait and see if any actual business stems from it. Now I have another to prepare for as well as a friend's bridal shower invitations and another friend's website illustration! At some point I would finally like to update/alter my own site.

How great were the Olympics by the way?? Hooray for Team Canada... I couldn't be prouder! But thank goodness it's all over...I cant afford to waste another day in front of the tube.

More to follow. I hope you are all enjoying the lovely spring like weather (at least here in Toronto) that we are having. Biking and lounging in the sun!

PS. I changed her up a bit so I thought I would share!

xoxo with Love.


  1. you are going to catch on very soon dear, your illustrations are just darling! good luck finding an apartment!

  2. I love that lady in the blue dress and the blue chair.
    It looks so elegant and perfect.
    I am celebrating m yfirst blogaversary.
    If you like you are very welcome to join the giveaway and to grab the award.

  3. you know i am a HUGE fan of you and your beautiful creations!!!!!

    sending you love and well wishes on finding an apartment!

    thank you for your prayers regarding chelsea...i believe their is power in it!


  4. Sending good luck wishes out into the unknown in regards to the apartment and job search. And I love that chair oooh and dress... :)